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Guide to using the CoinGate example (demo) shop

The Example Store is a simple e-shop environment that we've built to demonstrate the functionality offered by CoinGate merchant payment processing platform for cryptocurrencies. You can try shopping on our demo store without downloading any apps or actually knowing what cryptocurrencies are, but read on if you'd like a more in depth explanation!

The demo shop runs on our Sandbox Environment that we created for merchants and developers who want to test our payment gateway under real-world conditions without having to spend actual Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency that has real value). Although 98% of our merchants integrate without testing on Sandbox, this environment is quite popular among larger companies that are integrating our solution into complicated codebases.

So, the CoinGate Sandbox uses what is called testnet Bitcoin. To use testnet bitcoins, you will need a wallet that supports testnet (try this one for Android devices) as well as some testnet bitcoins to start off (you can get some here). In addition to using testnet coins, we have made it possible to simulate order states with a simple click of a button (e.g. "Mark as Paid"). As such, you don't have to download anything to try our Example Store, as mentioned above.

Moving on to the navigating the Example Store and making a test payment: things couldn't be easier.

  1. Add to cart one or several items (coffees) and click "Checkout". Take note that at the top-right you can select the price currency: USD, EUR or BTC. We actually support most local currencies as well as other cryptocurrencies for setting prices in your website (here is the full list with real-time rates included).

  2. You will see the list of your added products in a simplified e-commerce checkout window. Click "Checkout" once again and you will be redirected to the CoinGate payment window (invoice).

  3. On the invoice, just follow the on-screen steps. The email address field is intended for optional customer payment notifications (we won't send these in Sandbox mode), while below the field you can choose your desired payment currency: Bitcoin, Litecoin or another. Go ahead and pick one (just go with Bitcoin if you're unsure!).

  4. Make the payment with your testnet wallet or just click on "Mark as Paid" to simulate a successful order. You will see the success message indicating your payment was received! If you paid with a wallet, it might take several seconds for the transaction to be automatically detected.

  5. Finally, click on "Back to Merchant" and you will be returned to the shop and see a green "Paid" label indicating that the payment was successfully completed.

This is, essentially, the very broad overview of the front-end user experience we provide. In the back-end, some complicated things are happening during the payment process, from sourcing real-time currency market rates, to continuously scanning the blockchain for new transactions, to informing you - the merchant - about which orders have been paid for. For every order that your customer creates, our system interacts with your website, exchanging information in the process. You can see how that works by returning to the Example Store, clicking on My Account at the top-right, and choosing Orders.

Also, for our merchants we provide a full-fledged platform where they can track and manage received payments, payouts and settlements, as well as account related information. To get access to this platform and understand what it does for you, simply sign up here. Alternatively, visit https://sandbox.coingate.com, click "Sign In" and use email: demo@coingate.com and password: demo1234 to login. When logged in, you can use the sandbox environment to test our services: from API access, to generating POS (Point of Sale) apps, payment buttons, and everything else (just do not forget, that only testnet coins shoud be used for testing, not real bitcoins).

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