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What do I need to do to prepare for CoinGate accounts update?

We are currently working on a big update to CoinGate accounts, bringing an enterprise-level solution to this area.

As part of the update, Trader and Merchant services will be split into separate Personal and Business accounts in Q1 2019. The new logic behind CoinGate accounts will contain the following features:

  • Two type of accounts - Personal and Business. One user will be able to have access to more than one account on CoinGate. This means that by default each user will have a Personal account, which can be used for Trader services as a natural person. On top of that, the very same user will be able to access an undefined number of Business accounts (Companies), that can be used for both Merchant and Trader services as a legal person.
  • Each Business account can have many users. Apart from the functionality mentioned above, permission-based multi-user account logic will be rolled out as part of the update. This means that each Business account can be accessed by an undefined amount of users with a custom set of permissions set to each of them.
  • What do you need to do?

    The update will involve a substantial amount of database migrations. As a result of the new logic, we need our users to choose whether specific account setting or property should be linked to Personal or Business account after the split. This is especially important for those users, who were previously using CoinGate services both as a natural and legal person via same user.

    Our development team is currently working on migrations that will automatically assign specific types of orders, account settings and options to either Personal or Business account. Even though the result should be totally correct for the vast majority of the users, automatic migrations can’t be correct in 100% of cases.

    That is why we’re letting our users assign specific account properties and settings themselves for those cases when we were not able to determine the category automatically. All users should review affected account settings and properties (the list is provided at the bottom of the text). This can be done until the 1st of March 2019.

    At this moment, most of the affected properties and settings have these values pre-selected. Users should select the correct types themselves for all settings and properties where it’s not pre-selected. It is also important to notice that already pre-selected types are not editable and can only be changed by contacting support@coingate.com In case blank options won’t have a type assigned until the date provided, migration will be done as determined by CoinGate.

    The following properties should be reviewed and relevant property type (Personal or Business) assigned if need:

  • Payout settings
  • Referral links
  • Trader orders
  • Mobile orders
  • An example

    An example of the described Type field for a Payout setting is shown belown. Same Type field should be review for all the above mentioned properties and settings on your CoinGate account.

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