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Merchant Service

Why can't I send transactions to CoinGate invoice from an exchange?
What is Max % of Order Amount to Cover / Underpaid Cover %?
I sent the transaction, but it is not shown on the invoice. What should I do?
How can I create CoinGate API credentials?
How can I get paid (withdraw money) for sales made with CoinGate?
What is the minimum withdrawal (payout) amount?
Guide to using the CoinGate example (demo) shop
How can I make a refund to my customer?
The invoice was paid after it was canceled or expired, what should I do?
How can I test your service (sandbox testing)?
What currencies can I price my merchandise in?
What is the minimum amount for altcoin payments?
Can I keep bitcoins that I receive from payments?
What currencies can I get paid in (for my sales)?
Why does an invoice expire after 20 minutes?
Do you provide shopping cart plugins?
How to enable altcoins in CoinGate plugin?
Do you protect the Merchant from double-spending risk?
My local currency is not on the list of available currencies. How I can price my goods?
How can I change the language of an invoice?
Can I get a partial payout?
Can I keep X amount in bitcoins and Y amount in FIAT from my sales?
What are default hourly order limits and API request limits?
Can I disable altcoin payments?
Plugin / Extension / Module not working. Common Issues.
What does 'do not convert' option mean?